Our Values, Vision and Mission

At GR Care we understand that people living in residential care have individual needs, often unique and complex. We believe that each person must receive care that shows respect for them as an individual and maintains their dignity, choice and independence. The care provider’s responsibility is to accomplish this and demonstrate their ability to fulfill these fundamental requirements with strong leadership, honesty and integrity. Our purpose at GR Care is to help you achieve this.

Helping Care Providers meet legal requirements & raise standards in Social Care

GR Care Consultancy Ltd is passionate in trying to make life easier for managers and providers by understanding what the Care Quality Commission/Adult Services require you to do, and we are able to support you in providing evidence for the five key questions. We understand the pressures and time constraints of keeping up with ever evolving regulations.

Template Person-Centred Care Plans; tailor and personalise them for your Care Organisation

Our Care Plans can be tailored to ensure that an individuals care needs are met. They are designed to help you provide person centred care and show written evidence of this to the Care Quality Commission and Adult Services; they demonstrate that you are meeting each individuals needs in an holistic way.

The Care Plan is a Microsoft Word file which you use as a template enabling you to amended any document to suit your service type. Care Plans can be built up from the selection of templates; you asses the individual and then choose the templates to suit and then individualise each template so building a picture of care for that person. In this format there is complete flexibility.

Document titles and company logos can be changed/amended as required by you.


GR Care's full service to guide & support your Care Quality Commission Requirements

We work with many care organisations providing expertise, friendly support and well thought out products. We help to achieve regulatory requirements, manage and mitigate risk and at the same time improve the standards for the people being cared for.

Our role is to provide proprietors and managers, with professional support to address immediate challenges, put in place key building blocks for new Care Organisations, or to work alongside management to develop and deliver longer term improvement plans for established businesses. We also provide ongoing support to Providers of Care.  Our Consultants will tailor its services to your needs.


Other template products we can provide include:

  • Quality Assurance Feedback System (For staff/outside professionals and service users only)
  • Adverse Events, incidents, errors and near misses Documentation File
  • Medication Policies and Procedure File 
  • Infection Control Policies Procedures and Signage File
  • Staff File incorporating letter templates and Application forms/Declaration
  • Contingency Plan Template
  • Maintenance & Risk Assessment File
  • Dignity Welfare and Safeguarding Policies and Procedures File
  • General Policies & Procedures File
  • Service User Guides

All File index’s are available to enable you to see the file content before you buy.

Our complete range of template files are designed to allow you to add/remove/change/update and brand to better fit your individual service type.