CQC's May Newsletter detail the need for a AIS policy

The may 2018 newsletter from the Care Quality Commission includes a reminder that care homes need to meet the Accessible Information Standard, they state:

"In adult social care reports, AIS findings will be covered under Responsive.

Adult social care ratings characteristics explicitly include AIS under R1 - How do people receive personalised care that is responsive to their needs?"

AIS applies to people who use a service and have information or communication needs because of a:

  • disability
  • impairment
  • sensory loss

It covers the needs of people who are deaf/Deaf, blind, or deafblind, or who have a learning disability. This includes interpretation or translation for people whose first language is British Sign Language. It does not cover these needs for other languages.

Although the AIS really only is compulsory for Publicly Funded Service Users, there is still an obligation under the Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments, and the best way to esure this is you meet the AIS.

GR Care are able to help you meet this important requirement by providing our Accessible Information & Communication Policy.


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