GDPR Whats that all about?

We now find ourselves in May - which means we are in the month that the big shakeup of Data Protection Laws affecting all EU Citizens happens.  On the 25th of this month the EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into force, not only effecting companies and organisations within the EU, but also all whom control or process any personal data of EU citizens.

The main driver in the development of the GDPR is to give people more control over how organisations obtain and use their personal data, and that the reason for a company holding and using the data must be legal, known in GPPR language as the ‘Lawful basis for processing’ of which there are only six reasons.  Consent is one lawful basis where the GDPR prescribes that data subjects (EU Citizens) should be freely and clearly about to give, revoke and control what the consent is being given for.  It does this by increasing the legal rights of the individuals and providing stricter, legally enforceable, governance and accountability, together with massively increased financial penalties for those found to be in breach.

Through GR Care Consultancy’s work with many Residential and Nursing Care Homes, and with Domiciliary Care Providers, we understand that the magnitude of the new regulations, the need to show that you are compliant, is diverting a lot of time away from the work care organisations need to be doing – Caring for the people entrusted within their care.

So, whilst taking our own GDPR journey we realised that a lot of what we were doing would be a massive help to other Care sector providers, so we put together a GDPR Toolkit to help ease the burden.

Take a look at what’s in the toolkit, and we really hope that it helps you focus on what you do so well, Care.

GR Care GDPR ToolkitYou can find more information about the GR Care GDPR Toolkit in our online shop, where you can see a full list of the policies, templates and tools that are included, we will also be making updates over the next 6 months as the GDPR is bedded in and you will automatically receive any updates that we make, including any new documents we add.

We are also up to 55% cheaper than other similar Toolkits.

Take me to the Toolkit

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