Our Services & Products in Action

Case studies demonstrate how we can help to ensure compliance & improve standards of care

Please see here a few examples of how GR Care can help with regulatory compliance and improve core standards within a range of care environments and businesses. Our services and products are completely flexible to meet whatever challenge or improvement plan you may have.

Provider Compliance Assessment

Background: Existing Client requested completion of their Provider Compliance Assessment (PCA) as required by the Care Quality Commission.

GR Care's Role: Completion of Provider Compliance Assessment in one day and an action Plan agreed to ensure Compliance. Supporting documentation was also provided where necessary.

Outcomes: When Inspected by the Care Quality Commission the Provider Compliance Assessment was available to view by the inspector and demonstrated their compliance.

“Compliance Demonstrated”

Completed PCA provided in a branded index file along with memory stick so updates possible at anytime without extra costs being involved.

CQC Pre-inspection Review

Background: An existing Client requested a pre-inspection prior to the real CQC inspection.

GR Care's Role: A GR Care consultant spent the day with the Manager and undertook a thorough inspection of all aspects of the business. Talking to relatives, residents, staff. Kitchen Inspection, Medication Audit, Care Plans, Policies and Procedures with a final feeback session at the end of the day.

Outcomes: We identified areas that required improvement and GR Care was able to supply the documentation and advice required to support their compliance inspection.

“Areas for Improvement Identified”

Feedback given , improvements identified and advice plus documentation provided to support CQC inspection.

Staff Training - Essential Standards

Background: An existing Client wanted staff to know and understand the new Essential Standards of Quality and Safety as set out by the Care Quality Commission October 2010.

GR Care's Role: We provided a two hour training programme on the premises and went through the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety document explaining the layout of each of the outcomes and how to achieve compliance.

Outcomes: Staff had a better understanding of their legal reponsibilits and expectations of service users. Service users and the family member were made aware of what the service should now be providing and how the service should be run.

“Two Hour Training Programme”

Service Users and relatives, where appropriate, were asked by GR Care to join the session for free. 4 Service Users and 1 relative attended.

Supporting a Social Services Meeting

Background: A new client was asked to attend a Social Services Meeting to discuss issues around the care and the environment of their home.

GR Care's Role: We had a discussion with the service provider about the concerns by Social Services. We put an action plan and evidence together before attending a meeting with the Client and Social Services.

Outcomes: Social Services were happy for us to support the Service Provider and we would work with them to meet targets and change practises. They were able to continue providing care services.

“Social Services were Happy”

The Service Provider understood the need for change and requested our support to achieve this.

Care Plan Review

Background: A client reviewed their existing care plan system and was concerned that it was not detailed or person centred enough to meet the new Essential Standards of Quality and Safety.

GR Care's Role: We reviewed their existing Care Plans and it was agreed that there were not enough links or evidence to the standards to support Person Centred Care Planning.

Outcomes: GR Care supplied a complete Care Plan Package which is linked to the Essential Standards and suits the needs of the service users for this service type.

“Supporting Person Centred Care”

A new complete Care Plan was delivered to suit the needs of service users.

Skills for Care Funding

Background: A client wanted to claim funding from Skills for Care to help support their Continuous Professional Development Plan but was unsure how to do this and had not completed their National Minimum Data Set.

GR Care's Role: The GR Care consultant worked with the Manager of the home to complete their NMDS in full online to enable them to qualify for training funding. We also assisted the manager with producing the relevant reports from the system.

Outcomes: The service provider was able to secure finance from Skills for Care for training.

“National Minimum Data Set”

GR Care enabled this client to qualify for training funding and produce relevant reports from the system.

Admin Review & Support

Background: This client was concerned that the administration of the business was not up to date due to the level of support that they had to give to staff and residents. They wanted ongoing monthly support to ensure all documentation was recorded and in the correct order.

GR Care's Role: All administration systems were reviewed and updated as required. An Administrator was put in place one day a month to provide additional support to the service provider and to the manager.

Outcomes: The administrator keeps the home up to date and ensures that the Service Provider is confident that all aspects of the business administration are kept up to date.

“All Administration is in Order”

GR Care reviewed admin arrangements and provided regular support.